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    Chinese Fiberglass Deep Processing Base

    Product & Service

    product center

    Dedicate to lead the development of high-performance green products and new energy

    " Jiangsu Jiuding New Material Co,Ltd is now the manufacturing base of FRP products, one of the top 100 Chinese building material enterprises, the leading enterprise of Chinese industry(fiberglass and its products), national key hi-tech enterprise, National and provincial torch plan project implementation enterprise, national trustworthy enterprise, Jiangsu provincial quality management award enterprise, Nantong quality management award enterprise."

    —— Jiangsu Jiuding New Material Co,Ltd

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  • Continuous Filament Mat

    Jiuding Continuous Filament Mat is made of continuous fiberglass strands randomly looped in multiple layers. The glass fibre is equipped with a silane coupling agent that is compatible with Up,Vinyl ester and epoxy resins etc and the layers held together with a suitable binder. This mat can be manufactured in many different areal weights and widths as well as in large or small quantities.

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  • Knitted Fabrics

    Knitted Fabrics are knitted with one or more layers of HCR roving which are evenly distributed at single, biaxial or multi-axial direction. The specific fabric is designed to emphasize the mechanical strength in multi-direction. Knitted Fabrics can be combined with various mats (continuous filament mat, chopped strands mats and veil).

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  • Woven Roving

    E-glass woven fabric is interweaved by horizontal and vertical yarns. It is mainly used in boats body、sports mechanics、military、automotive etc.

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