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    Chinese Fiberglass Deep Processing Base

    Product & Service

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    Dedicate to lead the development of high-performance green products and new energy

    " Jiangsu Jiuding New Material Co,Ltd is now the manufacturing base of FRP products, one of the top 100 Chinese building material enterprises, the leading enterprise of Chinese industry(fiberglass and its products), national key hi-tech enterprise, National and provincial torch plan project implementation enterprise, national trustworthy enterprise, Jiangsu provincial quality management award enterprise, Nantong quality management award enterprise."

    —— Jiangsu Jiuding New Material Co,Ltd

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    E-glass Fiber Grinding Wheel Reinforced Mesh

    The fabric is woven by fiberglass yarn which is treated with silane coupling agent .The two kind of weave are plain and Leno .It is the base material of fiberglass reinforced grinding wheel disc, with the advantage of high strength, low extensibility. Coating with resin easily and surface flat etc.

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    E-glass Fiber Wheel Reinforced Mesh

    Fiberglass disc is punched from fiberglass cloth for grinding wheel which coated with phenolic and epoxy resin .when necessary , coating with non-woven fabric .black paper. It is the best base material for resin bond grinding wheel with the features of high tensile strength and deflection resistance, it is nice performance to link up with abrasive. Meanwhile, it is the features of excellent high-speed cutting resistance and heat resistance.

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    E-glass fiberglass yarns and rovings

    With the features of high strength, corrosion resistance, high temperature resistance, less moisture absorption etc.,E-glass yarns and rovings mainly used for weaving a variety of textiles for enhanced, insulation, corrosion resistance, heat resistance and other uses. Different twist number, twist direction,bunch quatity could be specially produced as per customer requires.

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    E-glass fiber cloth

    E-glass fiber step has the characteristics of high strength, corrosion resistance, high temperature resistance, low moisture absorption, etc. It is mainly used for weaving various textiles for reinforcement, insulation, corrosion resistance, heat insulation and other purposes.

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    Aluminum water filter base fabric

    Aluminum water filter base fabric is a kind of heat-resistant, insulating, soft special glass fiber fabric. The fabric has the characteristics of easy processing and wide use. It is used for the production of aluminum water filters and filter bags, and the temperature can reach 900°C.

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    High silica mesh

    High silicone cloth is a kind of special glass mesh which is heat-resistant, insulation and soft.It can be used at 1000 ° C for a long time and has an instant heat resistance temperature of 1450 ° C.

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