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    Chinese Fiberglass Deep Processing Base

    Product & Service

  • E-glass Fiber Grinding Wheel Reinforced Mesh

    The fabric is woven by fiberglass yarn which is treated with silane coupling agent .The two kind of weave are plain and Leno .It is the base material of fiberglass reinforced grinding wheel disc, with the advantage of high strength, low extensibility. Coating with resin easily and surface flat etc.

    For specific preferential policies, please call 513-8069-5029
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  • Expression Of Specification

    Taking EG6.5*5.4-115/190 for example :

    Composition of glass :C means C –glass;E means E -glass

    Structure :G means Leno;P means plain

    Density of warp is 6.5 yarns/inch

    Density of weft is 5.4 yarns/inch

    Width:115cm means width

    Weight:190g/square meters