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    Chinese Fiberglass Deep Processing Base

    Product & Service

  • E-glass Fiber Wheel Reinforced Mesh

    Fiberglass disc is punched from fiberglass cloth for grinding wheel which coated with phenolic and epoxy resin .when necessary , coating with non-woven fabric .black paper. It is the best base material for resin bond grinding wheel with the features of high tensile strength and deflection resistance, it is nice performance to link up with abrasive. Meanwhile, it is the features of excellent high-speed cutting resistance and heat resistance.

    For specific preferential policies, please call 513-8069-5029
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  • Expression Of Specification

    Taking EG190-6.5*5.4/178*23V+W for example :

    Expression of the cloth same as above;

    OD: outside diameter is 178;

    ID: inside diameter is 23;

    Surface: V+W means coated with non woven fabric + wax paper(W means wax paper; P means coated with black paper; B means black color.)