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    Company News

    Jiuding organizes special training on hidden danger investigation, management and safety inspection
    Release time:2019-06-21        From:Newspaper news

        June is the National Safety Production Month. According to the Notice of the Enterprise on Developing the "Safety Production Month" in 2019, Jiuding invited Li Zhijun, Deputy Director of Rucheng Safety Supervision Bureau, to conduct special training on hidden danger investigation, management and safety inspection in the company on the afternoon of June 21. The training was conducted in the conference room on the third floor of Jiuding New Materials. The product department and production workshop team leader and above managers participated in the training.

        Director Li combines the classification of hidden dangers, basic methods of hidden danger management, classification of dangerous sources, identification methods of dangerous sources and hidden dangers, requirements of hidden dangers rectification, the relationship between dangerous sources and accidents and hidden dangers, and the types, methods and contents of safety inspection. The accident cases happened over the years have been explained in depth and shallowly.
        Zhou Zhixin, Deputy Director of Jiuding New Material Safety, made three requests. First, the management of business must be in charge of safety and production must be in charge of safety, which is the requirement of laws and regulations. Every person in charge should always pay attention to safety production, especially in busy business, to improve safety sensitivity, and to implement safety requirements at the same time when arranging work. Second, all departments should promote safety monthly activities on schedule and according to quality. Actively, through the development of various practical activities, effectively enhance the safety management ability of personnel; Third, all departments should combine the actual situation of departments, according to training requirements, earnestly do a good job of hidden danger investigation and management and safety inspection, through on-site inspection found problems, back-check safety management problems and improve the safety management system.
        Finally, the company organized participants to carry out the network answer activities of "Dangerous Chemicals and National Safety Emergency Knowledge Competition of the 2019 National Safety Production Month Series Activities". At the same time, all departments were required to organize workshop employees to participate in the answer, so that all participants could participate, learn and accumulate safety knowledge together, and enhance safety production awareness. (Ding Yu, Enterprise Management Department)