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    Company News

    Jiuding Group Holds the First Phase of Discussions on Phased Work and Management
    Release time:2019-07-26        From:Newspaper news

        In the afternoon of May 21, Jiuding Group held the first phase of the consultation on phased work and operation. The meeting was chaired by Gu Qingbo, chairman of the group, and the relevant responsible persons of the companies and bodies participated in the meeting. This meeting focuses on the analysis of the completion of business indicators in the early part of this year, the analysis of existing problems, to find solutions, and after the deployment of business management. Some companies and responsible entities reported on the operation of this stage as a whole, and put forward the next focus of work in view of the severe international trade situation and the impact of a series of factors such as the downturn of the national economy.
        President Gu Qingbo pointed out that market competition, in the final analysis, is the competition of products, that is, the competition of quality and cost. We should fundamentally improve the management level, make full use of the existing foundation and resources, and accelerate the pace of technological innovation. Facing the severe international trade situation, the downturn of the national economy and the strong competitors at home and abroad, we should carry forward the spirit of desert, train our skin, strengthen our muscles and bones, and strive to be the first person out of the desert. Piff is responsible for the rise and fall of the country. As Jiuding people, we should have such social responsibility. While making contributions to enterprises and society, a person is also creating value for himself, and is also achieving his own value. This is also the embodiment of the company's value of "self-realization in Jiuding's success and social progress". (Cheng Peipei, run by the Party and the masses)