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    Company News

    Jiuding group’s staff house was built and put into operation.
    Release time:2018-09-08        From:Newspaper news

    The Nine Ding Staff and Workers’Home consists of six functional rooms: activity room, labor dispute mediation room, maternal and infant room, labor model innovation studio, library, party and masses archives room, all located on the third floor of Building 6.

    The first thing you see is the activity room. The establishment of the activity room provides a convenient place for everyone to exercise. After work, everyone can improve their physical fitness through exercise. At present, the activity room has a treadmill, three-man station comprehensive training equipment, boxing sandbags, dumbbells, standard table tennis and other fitness equipment, to provide you with a variety of sports. Warm up before using the equipment, and choose the equipment suitable for their physical condition to exercise, in the exercise process to adopt a gradual way to increase the intensity of exercise. As the number of fitness equipment is limited, please take care of each other when using, mutual courtesy, two or more people jointly use the three-man station comprehensive trainer, pay attention to cooperation, each exerciser must pay attention to the safety of other exercisers.

    Opposite the activity room is the labor dispute mediation room. The labor dispute mediation room is clean and tidy. It is equipped with desks and chairs. It provides a special place for the mediation of labor disputes. It is lawful, compliant and timely to resolve labor disputes in the embryonic state. It protects the legitimate rights and interests of workers, harmonizes labor relations and ensures the various industries of the group. Orderly conduct has important and far-reaching significance.

    The west side of the labor dispute mediation room is the maternal and infant room. The maternal and infant room provides a private, clean and tidy environment for the group’s pregnant and lactating female workers. The maternal and infant room is equipped with rest beds, wardrobes, sofas, tables and chairs, refrigerators, microwave ovens, disinfection cabinets, etc. It is equipped with special personnel for service and management, cleaning and cleaning every day to ensure hygiene and safety. Exhibition boards, books, help mothers to increase pregnant, pregnant and lactating women’s special physiological stage of knowledge, respect and care for women and children. Small maternal and child room, big love warm heart, pregnant, lactating female workers can use it! In order to ensure privacy, please stop the male workers.

    The western side of the maternal and infant room is a labor model innovation studio. The Labor Model Innovation Studio is named “Gu Qingbo Labor Model Innovation Studio” by the name of the National Labor Model and the chairman of Jiangsu Jiuding Group Co, Ltd. The studio has set up technical innovation group, market development group and management innovation group, which are respectively headed and vice-headed by the labor model and senior managers in the relevant fields, and its members are from provincial and provincial levels. Municipal and county level labor models and key staff members. Through technical research, technological innovation, invention and creation, technological training, business exchanges, teachers and apprentices, we will further promote the spirit of model workers and craftsmen and give full play to the role of model workers in promoting high-quality development.

    The western side of the labor model innovation studio is a library. The library has a quiet and elegant environment, neat layout, and a strong cultural atmosphere. It has more than 3000 books, including books and periodicals on Party building, new materials, science and technology, literature, medicine, law and finance. The library also has a reading table, a computer, a pencil holder and so on, which is convenient for the staff to read, extract and consult materials. It is a good place for the staff to have extensive knowledge, increase their ability, cultivate their temperament and cultivate their self-cultivation after work. If you need to borrow books, you need to fill in the register on the reading table. (Party and group run Wang Hailing)